In recent years, the OHS sector has faced the added pressure of new safety concerns in an already risky environment. The stakes are extremely high for organizations seeking to ensure the safety of their employees.

The OHS Law Masterclass will provide you with strategic legal insights to help you manage policies relating to compliance, accident reporting and correct compensation in an ever-changing work environment. 

Legal experts will help you understand your role in a safety investigation according to jurisdictional law, as well as how to manage risk and conduct appropriate internal investigations. With so much on the line, its crucial to have direction from experienced legal professionals who can help you comprehend your rights and obligations so you can protect your organization from negligence charges and ultimately keep your employees safe. Join us at this year’s masterclass for the latest legal updates and guidance from leaders in the law. 


Understand how to navigate workers’ compensation and the policies around incident reporting

Get answers to your business-specific questions from legal experts

Gain insights on how to navigate COVID-19 related challenges in your organization

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